Do you backup your Outlook data regularly with the backup software MOBackup and have you been annoyed that you always have to close Outlook every time to be able to backup the data? This can be quite annoying, especially with an automated backup.

Backup File Unlocker is an additional program for MOBackup and will be installed under Windows as service. It allows MOBackup to access exclusively opened and used files., like Outlook data files and enables a data backup of the Outlook data during operation, so while you keep working and checking emails.


15.01.2020 - V2.3 size : 2,5 MB

This is fully functional 30-day trial version.

This version includes an installer and installer program. Open the downloaded file with a double click and start the file setup.exe. Follow the instructions of the installation program. If the installation does not work, unzip the data into a temporary folder and run setup.exe from there.

Download the software for Windows 64Bit

Download the software for Windows 32Bit

The functions of the software

  • it is running under Windows Vista until currently Windows 10
  • will be installed as 32- or 64Bit Windows service
  • it supports only the software MOBackup

Problems with the version above?

If the communication between MOBackup and the Backup File Unlocker is disturbed, e.g. if you get the message that the license is invalid, you should use the following version.

Download the alternative Backup File Unlocker for Windows 64Bit

Download the alternative Backup File Unlocker for Windows 32Bit

Full version

Purchase the software and use it even after the trial period.

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Software is compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10