MOBackup - Outlook Backup Software

10.60 - 30/11/2021

  • MOBackup is Windows 11 and Office 2021 compatible
  • Browser data and My Documents can be selectively restored even without Outlook profile
  • Settings: Verification that both backup folders are not on the same drive
  • Data recovery: if file to be overwritten is in use, it will be tried to delete it for 10 seconds
  • deleting all temporary files after data recovery
  • Bugfix when selectively restoring your own files
  • when restoring Vivaldi favorites, the browser must be closed
  • catching the error "EWriteError" when writing the log file

10.51 - 19/04/2021

  • improved check whether the Vivaldi browser is installed
  • output in the report when the test period of the Backup File Unlocker has expired
  • in the Viewer it is again correctly displayed whether the backup file is password protected

10.50 - 01/03/2021

  • High DPI display for high resolution monitors
  • data restore from Outlook 2016/2019 is now backward compatible with Outlook 2013
  • improved integration of Outlook data files
  • selective data recovery overwrites existing data file
  • data restore from Outlook 2016/2019 is now backward compatible with Outlook 2013
  • backup files are 7zip, WinRar compatible if not secured with a password
  • percentage display during backup
  • Restore process has been moved to a thread
  • Detection of the installation of the Vivaldi browser has been revised
  • Internet Explorer and Firefox are also backed up in trial version
  • even more settings are backed up for Chrome, Edge Chromium, Opera and Vivaldi browsers
  • the name of the restore report additionally contains the restore date (Outlook_Restore_2021-01-28_10-43-10.log)
  • possible file error when calling "Extract data files".
  • additionally catching the error when the backup information cannot be read
  • fixed memory leaks when exiting the program
  • suppressing "can't initialize" if the temporary folder can't be created
  • correct display of the monthly task scheduler setting on High DPI monitors
  • when saving the selected options, the program did not remember Edge Chromium

10.25 - 07/07/2020

  • Software graphics renewed and sizes adapted to High DPI
  • "invalid file name" of the log file if the last character of the profile name is not a valid file name character
  • when restoring the data, files are only moved, if the directories are different
  • after Edge Chromium update and no browser start, "Local State" error occurs when saving Edge Chromium favorites

10.20 - 25/05/2020

  • Extended: via the settings menu you can define that no window is displayed on automated backup
  • when double clicking on .mobackup file you ended up in an endless loop
  • version information in the backup comment can contain invalid characters and was therefore not readable
  • correct check, whiche browser was saved: Chrome or Edge Chrome
  • after opening a window, it cannot be opened again via a shortcut (F5, or similar)
  • fixed error when restoring Firefox favorites
  • display error, the main window was too small
  • when saving the report (SaveLog)

10.10 - 21/02/2020 (Build 182)

  • transferred path specifications to the task planner are in Unicode format (bugfix: "parameter file wasn't found")

10.10 - 14/02/2020

  • integrated task scheduler, which automatically transfers the configuration to the Windows task scheduler; thus, it is no longer necessary to log mot files into the system
  • Support of the new browser Edge (Chromium) from Microsoft
  • Support for saving profiles of the Vivaldi browser
  • Saving & Loading the Program Settings
  • Start parameter /USEONLYINI : if the ini file cannot be accessed in the case of a portable service license due to delays in the network, this parameter is not used to access the registry, but to display an error message
  • an automated backup can also be defined when Outlook is opened
  • new interface layout "Windows 10 Clear Day
  • in the report more detailed output of the Windows version
  • when backing up and restoring, an attempt is made for 30 seconds to access the file that was requested but locked by the system
  • during the update search there is a timeout of 10 seconds
  • locked files from auto-complete are bypassed and listed as errors in the report, but the backup is still considered error-free
  • Catch the errors EWriteError, EOSError and EZFException and instead display a meaningful error message
  • shadow copies of the STC program from StorageCraft are also supported
  • advanced search for multiple Outlook installations
  • when restoring the Vivaldi favorites, the other browsers were skipped, and had to be selectively restored again
  • correct symbol display when restoring the mail accounts
  • the registry import was aborted if the name of a registry entry contained the character ".
  • [00409A7C] System.TObject.InheritsFrom -> Next button was clicked too fast when listing data files
  • [0088500E] DFFileInfo.TDFFileInfo.Init -> incorrect reading of Outlook version information
  • "free invalid or unknown memory block" when closing the program
  • due to too many error messages the notification window is not active by default

9.69 - 04/09/2019

  • correct display of the start window on computers with higher DPI value

9.69 - 19/08/2019

  • optional copying of the backup file only if the optional folder and the backup folder are different
  • Intercept that the size of the backup file cannot be read because it is located in the cloud
  • during the update search, the proxy server field must not be empty if the check mark is set
  • restart the Backup File Unlocker if the license is not recognized because there is no feedback via the windows PIPE
  • the german buttons JA and NEIN will be displayed now in English language (YES / NO)

9.68 - 05/08/2019

  • new and faster data compression variant (older backups are still compatible)
  • Backup data while Outlook is running, with the extra Backup File Unlocker Service to be installed separately
  • clear surface display in Windows 10 with scaled fonts (higher DPI values)
  • Interface can be changed to Windows 10 style and 10 different layouts adopt
  • Edge favorites will be backed up and restored
  • Save the Excel and Word settings and the list of recently used documents
  • Save and restore the Email templates
  • automatic download of updates
  • new option: second optional backup folder to store the backup file
  • Start, successful or faulty end of backup is displayed in Windows 10 Notification Center during automated backup.
  • optional sending of the backup report by e-mail to a previously specified e-mail address
  • Time saving: 21 file extensions are not compressed when backing up your own files
  • Save opened tabs, defined shortcuts and TabSessions in browser Vivaldi
  • changed search for Opera and Firefox installations
  • adjusting the System Information in the Backup Report
  • when moving the data files during recovery, a status indicator is also displayed
  • if the original drive is not present during the 1:1 recovery, an alternative folder will be asked for
  • if there is not enough disk space left, the data recovery will be aborted.
  • also data files linked with "mlink" will be saved and restored correctly

8.34 - 20/10/2017

  • Bugfix

8.33 - 11/07/2017

  • Firefox Bugfix

8.31 - 31/05/2017

  • Bugfixes

8.26 - 09/08/2016

  • Bugfixes

8.21 - 03/02/2016

  • Bookmarks and Settings from the "new" Opera can be backed up
  • Backup and Restore of the Bookmarks and Settings of the new browser Vivaldi
  • The browser Safari is not supported anymore, because the Windows version is discontinued by Apple
  • Readout of Mail Accounts: Support of Hotmail as Exchange Active Sync account
  • New Option for automatic shut down of Outlook: Display of a notice to save all work in progress
  • Time saving: Outlook will be restarted already before moving and checking the backup file
  • Data security: In case only IMAP accounts are used since Outlook 2013, a notice will be displayed, to store Contacts, Calendar and Tasks in a local pst file (see also Notice and Guidance)
  • The standard license can also be used on a portable drive, if it is a system drive
  • Program settings are saved in an ini file and no longer in the Windows Registry, when using the service license
  • Country-specific folder names are considered when saving the Signatures
  • Bugfixes:
    • Automatic reactivation of a connected network drive: A warning that it is not available shouldn't be displayed anymore
    • MOBackup did not start again after performing a backup
    • Improved detection of the Windows User Profile Folder
    • '$xy' is not a valid integer value, when E-mail Accounts are moved from Outlook 2016 to 2013
    • '' is not a valid integer value, when reseting Outlook
    • In case the Backup File Splitting is active the profile name contains spaces, the file was cut off at the space character and could not be moved to the Backup Folder
    • "Void data type for 'Service Name'." when correcting the Address Book View

8.0 - 21/07/2015

  • Support of Outlook 2016 (also Office 365)
  • Works with Windows 10
  • Supports multiple Office installations
  • Currently used Outlook version can be selected in the program settings
  • BugFix:
    • Error correction of the function "Correct Address Book View" extended
    • E-mail Account data are possibly available as string and not binary
    • Invalid data type 001e6700
    • Catching Error: "MaxAllowedZone"
    • Avoid errors while creating Log Files

7.96 - 25/11/2014

  • Readout of E-mail Accounts: Port 25 and 100 are default values for E-mail Accounts
  • Backup of E-mail Account Passwords will now be made by selecting a separate option only
  • During restore you will be asked, whether the Passwords shall be displayed in a separate window
  • the Passwords are now kept in the memory only
  • Separate Password Protection at "Readout E-Mail Accounts", in order to avoid the readout by unauthorized persons
  • BugFixes:
    • Size of OST Files will now be displayed in the Restore Report
    • Settings: Possibility of entering the value 0 as time specification, to deactivate the Update Search Reminder

7.95 - 22/04/2014

  • view and export more information about mail account settings (SSL, SPA, Secure)
  • Viewer: automatic selection of the newest backup file
  • BugFixes:
    • option "split backup file" could cause an error output in test of integrity, even if the backup was ok

7.91 - 18/11/2013

  • small changes in backup report list
  • BugFixes:
    • import of registry data (software is not responding on .ols files)

7.90 - 22/10/2013

  • catch the "Stream read error" problem (usually caused by Avira Anti Virus)
  • repeated control of the saved registry data (during the backup this data can be deleted by antivirus programs)
  • BugFixes:
    • import of registry data > 300kB

7.80 - 29/08/2013

  • Menu TOOLS - READ E-MAIL ACCOUNTS, to view and export the mail account settings
  • backing up the mail account settings (all Outlook versions) including passwords from Outlook 2003 upwards
  • when you restore the data mail account settings and passwords will be displayed in an overview
  • new option to shut down the computer in an automated backup

7.50 - 06/05/2013

  • Support of Business Contact Managers 2013
  • The synchronisation tool Syncing.NET 5.0 is fully supported (automated start and stop of the program)
  • The synchronisation tool SimpleSYN 3.0 is fully supported (automated start and stop of the program)
  • Menu TOOLS: Change Default Directory, in order to configure, where new data files should be stored
  • Completely revised integration of Data Files to Outlook; From now on, you can also transfer Offline Files to another system without any problems (therefore at least one successful connect to the Exchange Server is necessary, since Outlook 2013)
  • It is no longer required, that all drives are available, when doing a 1:1 Restore
  • Notes and Journal Options don't need to be backed up anymore since Outlook 2013
  • Available storage space will be checked, before moving a created backup file to its final destination. If it's insufficient, an appropriated notice with a 'repeat' option will be shown.
  • MOBackup checks, that the Restore isn't attempted with an older version of the program
  • Program styling reworked for Windows Systems using the 'Classical View'
  • BugFixes:
    • Notices concerning empty folders aren't displayed anymore during backup
    • Checking, if original drive is available, when restoring a single file, otherwise switching to default path
    • Catching Access Violation, if Backup Report can't be loaded in the Backup Overview
    • Display correct size of splitted Backup Files
    • Consider complete path, when counting total size of Data Files to be restored
    • Calculating drive depending free storage space, when doing a Restore
    • Selected wrong drive, when checking the available disk space while extracting Data Files
    • Prevent unneccessary Error Notice, when restoring the OneNote Database

7.0 - 02/10/2012

  • Support of Outlook 2013
  • Compatible with Window 8 (Release Preview)
  • AES 256 Bit data encryption for increased security of password protected backup files
  • Notice, if MOBackup runs in administrator mode and Outlook is probably backed up with the wrong Windows User
  • User interface revised
  • New and larger program icons
  • Automatic transfer of categories from Outlook 2003 and older to Outlook 2007 and newer
  • Backup of Safari Top Sites
  • Backup of Opera SpeedDial Lists
  • Backup of most visited websites from Chrome
  • BugFixes:
    • Correction of function "Correct Address Book View"
    • Installation routine memorizes last installation path
    • Corrected output "Saving Google Chrome Bookmarks"
    • Saving drive location of data file for uniqe selection during data file comparison and restore
    • Correction of Address Book View now also possible on Windows 64Bit
    • Recognition of a new Google Chrome installation
    • Outlook data files with similar file name in the backup will be restore to the correct path now
    • Correct file path when creating the results website
    • Corrected internal counter while including data files in Outlook

6.91 - 17/02/2012

  • Option for automated shut down of the PC after successful finished backup
  • Completely revised BCM Backup; shut down of the SQL-Server with administrator rights is no longer necessary
  • Improved selection logic of Options dependent on the Main Data File in the Restore Wizard
  • compatible with Windows 8 (Developer Preview)
  • The BCM Database requests Administrator rights, when backing up or restoring data and starts, if desired, with Administrator rights again
  • New Setting: Option, whether changed folder names shall affect also automated Backups
  • Automatically catching error messages
  • BugFixes:
    • Couldn't detect data files for backup on some PCs
    • Automatic apply of changed backup folder setting only for manual backups
    • Check for errors: Problem with splitted backups solved
    • Erroneous display of comments when restoring a backup
    • Infinite loop when restoring Outlook Today with the same Windows User

6.75 - 22/09/2011

  • Moving of backup file after finishing backup not by default, but now available as option in the program settings
  • Menu TOOLS: Added direct link to the Microsoft PST repair tool ScanPST
  • The backup folder defined in the program setting is used as primary destination when performing automated backups
  • Expanded report: Deleted backup files will be listed
  • BugFixes:
    • Size of "My Documents" folder incl. subfolders will be determined, if selected for backup
    • Button TEST won't be displayed, if no backup file is selected in the Backup Viewer
    • Increased speed of integrity check after backup
    • File size comparison without result in certain cases
    • Corrected progress indicator of integrity check

6.70 - 30/08/2011

  • Compiling the backup completely to the temporary folder, in order to speed up backups to slower USB sticks
  • Thereby also reduced network activity
  • Preventing shutdown of monitor and computer during the backup (bypass energy saving options)
  • AutoComplete information from older Outlook versions to Outlook 2010 can be imported automatically now
  • Also when restoring data, the program will be closed
  • Upward compatibility of MOTask files; future options will be saved, even if they are not defined
  • If the data file can't be moved when restoring a backup, an error message is displayed
  • Corrected detemination of Opera since version 11.50
  • Firefox 4.x/5.x Bookmarks - deleting temporary bookmarks before restoring data
  • Displays warning, if disk space is insufficient to create an automated backup
  • BugFixes:
    • Correction of Address Book also works, if only one profile exists
    • Personal Address Book (only till Outlook 2003) will be restored to the correct standard folder

6.45 - 10/05/2011

  • BugFixes:
    • Detection of installed Browsers corrected
    • Detection of included Data Files, in case two Data Files from Outlook 2002 are still listed as string
    • Storing at least three backups by default, if settings haven't been changed
    • If only one Outlook Profile existed, Address Book View couldn't be used
    • Read and write of binary data, when restoring a Backup

6.40 - 10/04/2011

  • Additional Feature: "Correct Address Book View", in order to make Contacts available in the Address Book again
  • Network capability when selecting a backup file for restore reintegrated
  • Due to incompatibilities Outlook 2000 and Outlook 2002 had to be excluded from 1:1 Restore
  • Printer selection dialog will be displayed before printing report
  • BugFixes:
    • Integration of BCM Databases in SQL Server 2008 Express
    • If the Internet Explorer hasn't been started once and the option "Delete already existing IE Favorites before restoring" is selected when restoring a backup, MOBackup deletes all backup files, because the system returns a wrong folder path
    • Appearance of the file list adapted for large system fonts

6.31 - 22/12/2010

  • Note and red highlight, when using size limited data files (2 GB, ANSI format) in Outlook 2003 or higher
  • Additional Feature: "Reset Outlook" expanded to Outlook 2010 standard paths
  • BugFixes:
    • Considering the new default storage paths when importing data files into new Outlook 2010 system
    • Troubleshooting when restoring empty junk mail settings to Outlook 2010
    • Prevent update check when performing automated backup
    • Cancellation of Firefox profile selection when restoring a backup resulted in a list index error

6.16 - 22/10/2010

  • BugFixes:
    • Error when starting MOBackup on Windows 7 64 Bit
    • Software starts now again without User Account Control (UAC) request

6.15 - 08/10/2010

  • Optimization of the export routine of profile dependent Junk E-mail Options: 10,000 senders in less than 1 second (previously 7 minutes!!!)
  • Backup of the OneNote Databases completely revised
  • Tools Menu: Unblock blocked E-mail Attachments
  • Internal reorganization of the registry exports to data streams
  • Extended information on access violations
  • Password request can be completed with an ENTER now
  • MOTask system link will always be newly created, if the storage location of mobackup.exe changes

  • BugFixes:
    • Error during shutdown of the BCM SQL Server
    • Backup of Safari 5 Bookmarks
    • Wrong allocation of E-mail Accounts and Personal Folders while a 1:1 Restore
    • Correct display issue, when Quick Access Toolbars or Custom Forms are not available
    • "Duplicate Object Index" message while backing up Firefox Bookmarks, if multiple profiles are using the same data
    • Abort of the Firefox profile selection results in a "List Index Error", when restoring a backup
    • Extracting Data Files -> Interception of access violation when including in Outlook

6.07 - 15/07/2010

  • Detects Outlook 2010 32Bit and 64Bit

  • Additional backup of:
    • Business Contact Manager 2010 Databases
    • Quick Access Toolbars (since Office 2007) & Ribbons (since Office 2010)
    • OneNote Notebooks (since Office 2007)
    • Outlook Today - Welcome Page, including self defined homepage
    • All Options from the Outlook menu TOOLS - OPTIONS; individually selectable

  • New feature: Delete Outlook Data (e.g. after deinstallation)
  • Software supports Unicode characters; files with Cyrillic or Chinese haracters in the file name can be backed up now
  • Displays backup report in the Backup Viewer

  • The selected settings for a backup can be saved per profile for the next backup
  • MOBackup files stored in the folder "My Documents" won't be backed up
  • Windows typical display of backup status
  • Security query when trying to abort the "Automate Backup" Wizard
  • Possible to switch between Backup Report and Graphical Display after backup

  • Displays the time in the backup report (from/till)
  • Additional data can be selected, when performing a 1:1 Restore
  • The restored profile will be set as default, when performing a 1:1 Restore

  • FAT32 (4 GB) is selectable for file splitting now
  • Warning for FAT32 formatted drives, if backup file exceeds maximum file size
  • Update Search interval is freely selectable between 0 and 90 days (0 = never ask)
  • Installation now also possible for restricted users
  • Software is digitally signed now

  • BugFixes:
    • Incorrect encrypted password in automated backup
    • Firefox problem when performing the 1:1 Restore
    • Catching the error message, if the settings file can't be written
    • Access violation when reading the PST file in Outlook 2001/2002
    • Access violation when starting Outlook automatically
    • Access violation when reading Outlook Home & Business 2010
    • Error: no access to invisible window in the settings dialog
    • Correct display of file sizes in the "Split Backup File" settings
    • Deletes uncompleted backups automatically
    • Shows real instead of compressed file size in the "Extract Data Files" wizard

5.12 - 16/02/2010

  • BugFix: Avoiding the possible error: Duplicate Object Index when saving Send & Receive Group Settings

5.10 - 05/02/2010

  • Full support of Outlook 2010 Beta
  • Backup and Restore of Opera 10 Bookmarks
  • Display of a notification if Unicode characters are used in filenames (only when manually creating a backup)
  • BugFix: when determining the backup size, the selected "My Documents" have not been considered
  • BugFix: if disk space has been insufficient, the program did not access the reallocated disk space
  • BugFix: saving to the wrong folder when restoring data files
  • BugFix: display of backed up data files, even if no standard data file was saved
  • BugFix: LoadPop3 error corrected
  • BugFix: removed update check when performing an automated backup

5.0 - 24/07/2009: New Release

  • Additional Backup Options:
    • Outlook 2007 Quick Parts
    • Office 2007 Quick Style Sets
    • Custom Forms
    • Custom Dictionaries, also in Unicode format
    • any Folders and Files from the Windows folder "My Documents"
    • Internet Explorer 8 WebSlices
    • Bookmarks of the browsers Apple Safari and Google Chrome
  • optional 1:1 Image of the Outlook data for an easier transfer of all settings
  • the graphics used in Signatures will be read, copied to the default system folder and the path in the Signature will be changed accordingly
  • separate button for creating an Automated Backup
  • instead of a Batch File a MOTask File will be used
  • optional start of the Windows Task Scheduler after creation of a MOTask File
  • check whether the appropriate drives are available when starting a backup
  • BCM Server will only be stopped, if the selected profile contains a data base which should be saved
  • slightly revised user interface
  • expanded and more clearly arranged display of the saved data
  • multiple locked files will now be listed grouped
  • while restoring the Data File MOBackup, checking whether the specified windows folder exists and switching to the standard path if necessary
  • if it's not possible to exit Outlook in the usual way, the process will be terminated after 20 seconds
  • BugFix: while restoring hexadecimal digits to the registry
  • BugFix: showing file sizes of the uncompressed data files while restoring
  • BugFix: improved exit of the Help in Windows Vista
  • BugFix: deleting the last backup file causes access violation in the Viewer of MOBackup

4.30 - 24/01/2009

  • compatible to Windows 7

4.25 - 16/01/2009

  • Full support of the synchronization tool Syncing.NET (automatic shut down and start of the software)
  • Backup of Firefox 3 bookmarks, even if Firefox is running
  • Safer shut down of Outlook by MOBackup
  • Information, that corresponding browser needs to be closed when restoring data
  • Interception of empty folder names ("Folder can't be created.")
  • Already exitisting temporary files will be deleted before restoring a backup
  • Trouble shooting, if interface is not supported when embedding data files to Outlook
  • Bugfixes:
    • Fixed incorrect display of RSS-Feed option while restoring data
    • Problem with definition of file size (bigger than 2 GB) for splitted backup files
    • Problem with POP3.ols when restoring data
    • Removed black bar, which occured when creating a backup at Windows XP (Classic view)
    • Problem with empty error display at automated backup
    • Corrected picture allocation while creating a desktop icon
    • Corrected display when double clicking a MOBackup backup file
    • Outlook 2000: possible error "... isn't an integer value" while determining the profile name, if it contains the character '['
    • Possible access violation "FindFlatHint" at automated backup
    • If not all data files could be saved, the whole backup was marked as faulty at the automated backup
    • Intercept an access violation, if no local data files exists in the selected profile
    • Problem when restoring encrypted backup files (, und POP3.OLS)
    • Interception of "'' is not a valid integer value", if MOBackup can't determine current Outlook version

4.10 - 04/08/2008

  • New function: Selective unpacking & automated including of data files (PST files) into Outlook without overwriting existing files
  • New option: Segmenting of backups with freely definable file sizes (min. 1MB)
  • New function: Backup of the BCM 2007 database
  • Integration of 2003 and 2007 databases in existing Business Contact Manager installations
  • New routine for determining of the BCM installation
  • Backup of Favorites of the browser Mozilla Firefox 3
  • Additional checkup functions in the viewer in order to test backup files later
  • Checkup, whether Backup File Unlocker (file Access Manager) is running and corresponding decision making for user
  • Enhanced checkup, whether data files have been saved correctly (CRC check)
  • Better installation routine
  • Bugfixes
    • correct reading of proxy server information while checking for a software update
    • correct move of filters and rules file from Outlook 2000
    • to prevent a locking of the data files, the BCM server service will be restarted after having finished the backup

3.65 - 07/01/2008

  • Backup of Favorites, Contacts, Notes and Widgets of the Opera browser
  • Backup of the Microsoft Office AutoCorrect lists and settings for tool bars and menus
  • Backup the Internet Explorer security zones
  • New option: Always backup all active data files while executing the automated backup
  • Several bug fixes concerning Windows Vista

3.40 - 14/05/2007

  • full Windows Vista compatible
  • support of MS Outlook 2007 official release
  • reworked the detection of the used BCM database files completely
  • Check, whether MOBackup is allowed to write to the specified folder (very important for use with Windows Vista)
  • new option for enabling backups with an add-on while working continuous with Outlook
  • new option for deactivating the integrity check after finishing a backup
  • selection page for automated backup changed
  • Windows Address Book excluded from backup and restore at Windows Vista
  • enhanced error display, if no profile is existent
  • smaller "cosmetical" changes
  • enhancement: report output customized to Windows Vista
  • BugFix: Registering of the backup (file name) extension at Vista by an add-on

3.0 - 15/12/2006

  • First release of the english version
  • support of MS Outlook 2007 Beta 2
  • Windows Vista compatible
  • Backup and restore of Business Contact Manager Datenbases (since Version 2003)
  • Backup of RSS Feeds in Outlook 2007


  • first german version started in January 2004 ( )
  • regular updates till version 3 in August 2006


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